eFile BE-577 Bulk Import/Export Instructions

Using the BE-577 Bulk Import/Export System

BEA has made several changes to the form beginning with the first quarter 2020. Columns 223-226 and 233-236 were added and column 313 was removed. The sum of (223+224+225+226) should equal 222 and the sum of (233+234+235+236) should equal 232. Also, option #7 for STATUS is no longer valid. You must use the new CSV template with these changes for filing 2020 Q1 forward. You can download the new template by selecting "Bulk Export" for the 2020 Q1 BE-577. The old CSV template will not work. To review the new questions, a PDF version of this form and instructions are available at https://www.bea.gov/surveys/diasurv or you can download one from the eFile system.

For more information, see the link below.
How should the currency composition of intercompany debt receivable and payable balances be reported on the BE-577 survey?

NOTE:If you are using Microsoft Excel to edit the CSV file, be sure to save it as "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)". There are several CSV file options when saving from Excel and most of the others do not work consistently with our upload software.

The BE-577 Bulk Import/Export system allows you to download a single CSV (Comma Separated Value) file which can be edited in any spreadsheet program or easily created by writing a program to extract the data from your database, spreadsheet etc. This one file allows you to edit and submit the BE-577 for all of your foreign affiliates at one time, rather than downloading a separate PDF form for each affiliate.

To get the file, log in to the eFile system and select the period you wish to file. If you need to add any new affiliates, scroll down to the "Add New Affiliates" section and add them before downloading the file. New affiliates will be assigned a temporary ID. A real ID will be assigned after you submit. Once you are finished adding new affiliates, click the "Bulk Export" button to download the CSV file. It may take several minutes to create the file, depending on the number of affiliates. Save the file to your PC or choose open. The file will open in your spreadsheet program. You can save the file in any format you like while you are working on it, but you must save it as a CSV file before submitting. To do this, choose "Save As" from the menu and from the file type options, select CSV.

IMPORTANT: Do not put any commas in any of your responses in this file. All numeric responses should be numbers only and you can't have any commas in a text response. A CSV file is made up of the columns separated by commas, any extra commas will cause the upload to fail.

To submit your data, log in to the eFile website. Choose the correct period and click on "Bulk Import". Click on the "Browse" button and select your completed CSV file. Then choose whether you want to simply save the data or submit it to BEA and click the "Upload" button. The upload process will take several minutes as each affiliate is checked and loaded into our database. You will then receive either an error page or a confirmation page. If you receive the error message, it will offer some assistance in correcting your file. Please correct the file and try again or contact the helpdesk at be577efile@bea.gov or 301-278-9401 for assistance.

If your file is correct, you will receive the confirmation page. This page will list each affiliate and the status of the submission. Please check it carefully and make sure that each affiliate you reported has been submitted successfully. After your data is saved or submitted, you will be able to download the individual PDF files and verify that your data is correct. If you have chosen to save your data and not submit it to BEA, make sure to click the "Submit All Documents" button when you are ready to submit the data to us.

Below is a description of each column in the CSV file:

  • SURVEY_ID: The survey you are filing (577) This value will be set for you, do not modify it.
  • PERIOD_YEAR: The year for which you are filing. Use 4 digits (i.e. 2008). This value will be set for you when you download the file, but you can modify it for future reports if you like.
  • PERIOD_QUARTER: The quarter for which you are filing. This will be 1,2,3 or 4. This value will be set for you when you download the file, but you can modify it for future reports if you like.
  • US_ID: Your eFile ID. This value will be set for you when you download the file. Do not modify this value.
  • FOREIGN_ID: The foreign ID of the affiliate. This value will be set for you when you download the file. Do not modify this value, unless you are changing from a temporary ID to a real ID assigned by BEA.
  • US_NAME: The name of your organization. This value will be set for you when you download the file. If the name has changed, please modify it on the eFile website address section. You can make the change on the CSV file as well, if you like.
  • NAME: The name of the foreign affiliate. This value will be set for you when you download the file. If the name has changed, please send us an email or secure message. Do not modify the name on the CSV file until it has been modified by BEA.
  • COUNTRY: The country of location of the foreign affiliate. This value will be set for you when you download the file. If the country has changed, you can modify it here.
  • CURRENT_INDUSTRY_ID: The 4 digit industry code of the foreign affiliate we have on file. The codes can be found in the instructions on the BE-577 form. This value will be set for you when you download the file unless it is a new affiliate. If the industry code has changed, enter the new code in the REVISED_INDUSTRY_ID cell.
  • REVISED_INDUSTRY_ID: If the industry ID has changed or this is a new report, enter the new 4 digit ID here.
  • INCORP_FLAG: If the affiliate is incorporated in the country of location, enter a 1 (one), otherwise enter 2.
  • STATUS: The filing status of this affiliate. It must either be blank or a single digit 1 - 8. It will be set for you based on our current records. Modify the value if the status has changed. See the codes below:
    • Blank: Affiliate is required to be reported and the status has not changed.
    • 1: Initial Report
    • 2: Resumed Report - Affiliate was previously exempt, but has since exceeded the reporting threshold.
    • 3: Affiliate was merged or reorganized and this is the final report.
    • 4: Affiliate was sold or seized and this is the final report.
    • 5: Affiliate was liquidated and this is the final report.
    • 6: Affiliate is exempt. The affiliate has fallen below the reporting threshold.
    • 7: Affiliate has been inactivated. (2019 Q4 and earlier only)
    • 8: Affiliate did not change reporting status during the quarter.
  • STATUS_CHANGE_DATE: If the status has changed, enter the date of the change here. Use numbers only, do not uses slashes or dashes to separate. Use the format MMDDYYYY.
  • CONSOLIDATED_ENTERPRISES: How many foreign business enterprises are consolidated in this report? If this is a single enterprise, enter 1.
  • INTEREST_TYPE: What type of equity interest does the U.S. Reporter hold in this foreign affiliate? See the codes below:
    • 1: Only a Direct Interest.
    • 2: Only an Indirect Interest.
    • 3: Both a Direct Interest and an Indirect Interest. Indicate the Percentage of Direct Ownership in the Next Column.
    • 4: Voting Interest Only (No Equity Interest).
  • DIRECT_PERCENT: If you entered code 3 for INTEREST_TYPE (Both a Direct Interest and an Indirect Interest), enter the percentage of direct ownership here to the nearest percent (no decimals).
  • OWNER_FOREIGN_ID: If the affiliate is owned indirectly, enter the foreign ID number for the affiliate which holds direct ownership.
  • 12-15: Correspond to questions 14, 15, 16A and 16B respectively. Enter 1 for yes or 2 for no.

The rest of the columns in the CSV file refer to the remainder of the questions on the form. Please download the form and refer to the small numbers in the upper left corner of the answer cells. For example, item 12 asks for quarterly net income, this response should be entered in column 101. Be sure to enter only numbers in all of these cells, with the exception of those ending in an "N". The columns ending in N allow you to enter a brief text explanation for the corresponding numeric cell. For example, column 252N allows you to specify contributions and other transactions reported in column 252. Any dates should be entered as specified above, using only numbers and formatted as MMDDYYYY.