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BEA Data Application Programming Interface (API)

Note to users: Our API is now hosted on a new subdomain: https://apps.bea.gov. API users must use this new subdomain to retrieve data.

What is it?

The data API provides programmatic access to BEA published economic statistics using industry-standard methods and procedures. BEA's data API includes methods for retrieving a subset of our statistical data and the meta-data that describes it.

The data API and its documentation are for programmers who are familiar with the concepts and techniques of retrieving data from Web Services.

What is available? API User Guides

UnderlyingGDPbyIndustry New Underlying Detail estimates of value added, gross output, and intermediate inputs by industry.
InputOutput Make and use tables, direct requirements, and total requirements statistics.
Regional  Detailed income and employment statistics by state, county, and metropolitan area. Detailed GDP statistics by state and metropolitan statistical area. Price parities statistics by state and MSA.
NIPA NIPA tables with options.
NIUnderlyingDetail NI Underlying Detail tables with options.
FixedAssets Fixed Assets tables with options
ITA International Transactions dataset by indicator, area or country, frequency, and year
IntlServTrade International Services Trade dataset by type of service, trade direction, affiliation, area or country, and year
IntlServSTA  New International Services Supplied Through Affiliates dataset by channel, destination, industry, area or country, and year
IIP International Investment Position dataset by type of investment, component, frequency, and year
GDPByIndustry Estimates of value added, gross output, intermediate inputs, KLEMS, and employment statistics by industry
MNE Direct Investment by direction of investment, series, classification, year, country, and industry; and activities of Multinational Enterprises (MNE) by direction of investment, ownership, bank/non-bank, series, classification, year, country, industry, and state.


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