Chronicling 100 Years of the U.S. Economy

Published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
SCB Centennial Celebration July 2020 – June 2021

SCB Centennial

The Survey of Current Business is turning 100! We are pleased to present over the next 12 months a look back at a century of achievements and innovation as we highlight each decade of its history with original articles, reprints from the BEA archives, profiles of top influencers, downloadable posters, and other historical content. Check back here through June 2021 for new material.

Feature articles on new topics and on recurring themes from current and former BEA staff, academics, and researchers.

  • Coming in August: The Origins of the Survey of Current Business by Andrew Reamer
    In 1921, Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover proposed to manage the business cycle through the “associative state”—extensive cooperation between Commerce agencies and several thousand industry associations. A key component of Hoover's vision was giving businesses the economy-wide and industry-specific data they needed to make better decisions. The Survey was the means by which the Commerce Department provided these data.

BEA and its online journal are respected sources of data on the health of our national economy due in large part to the individuals who influenced BEA over the past century. As we celebrate the centennial year of the Survey, some of these top influencers will be profiled here.

  • Coming in August: economist and Nobel laureate Simon Kuznets

Interesting and noteworthy memorabilia from the BEA archives. Stay tuned each month for historical content from each decade.

  • Coming in August: 1920s