Survey of Current Business
April 2019
Volume 99, Number 4

April 2019

Director’s Message

A message from Brian C. Moyer, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis. [PDF]

GDP and the Economy: Third Estimates for the Fourth Quarter of 2018

Real GDP increased 2.2 percent, reflecting positive contributions from consumer spending, nonresidential fixed investment, exports, private inventory investment, and federal government spending. [PDF]

Government Receipts and Expenditures: Fourth Quarter of 2018

Net government saving decreased $73.1 billion to –$1,265.2 billion. Net federal government saving and net state and local government saving decreased. [PDF]

U.S. International Transactions: Fourth Quarter and Year 2018

The U.S. current-account deficit increased $7.8 billion to $134.4 billion. In the financial account, net U.S. borrowing increased from $36.8 billion to $168.3 billion. [PDF]

U.S. Net International Investment Position: Fourth Quarter and Year 2018

The net international investment position was −$9,717.1 billion at the end of the fourth quarter, down from −$9,634.8 billion at the end of the third quarter. [PDF]

Preview of the 2019 Annual Update of the International Economic Accounts

A look at upcoming changes to the international transactions accounts and to the international investment position accounts. [PDF]