June 2019

Director’s Message

A message from Brian Moyer, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

GDP and the Economy: Second Estimates for the First Quarter of 2019

Real GDP increased 3.1 percent, reflecting positive contributions from consumer spending, inventory investment, exports, state and local government spending, and nonresidential fixed investment.


Infographic: Arts and Culture

June 2019

Infographic: Household Production

June 2019

Infographic: How Much Does it Cost to Live in Your Area?

June 2019

Government Receipts and Expenditures: First Quarter of 2019

Net government saving decreased $33.8 billion to −$1,316.4 billion. Net federal government saving decreased, and net state and local government saving increased.

Accounting for Household Production in the National Accounts: An Update, 1965–2017

This satellite account updates estimates of gross domestic product to account for the production of nonmarket services and the return to consumer durable goods.

Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account: New Statistics for 2016

New national and state-level statistics for value added, employment, and compensation in the arts and cultural industries.

Estimating Price Levels for Housing Rents in the Regional Price Parities

Price levels for housing rents in the regional price parities are shown for 2017 for selected areas.

Subject Guide

A guide to the articles in the February–June 2019 issues of the Survey.