May 2021

Director’s Message

A message from Mary Bohman, Acting Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

GDP and the Economy: Advance Estimates for the First Quarter of 2021

Real GDP increased 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021, reflecting positive contributions from consumer spending, nonresidential fixed investment, federal government spending, residential fixed investment, and state and local government spending.

Improved Measures of Housing Services for the U.S. Economic Accounts

We provide more accurate and reliable statistics for annual current-dollar estimates of personal consumption expenditures of housing services on tenant- and owner-occupied housing for the period 2002–2020.

A New Understanding of Small Businesses: Wages and Gross Output by Industry and Legal Form of Organization Using Firm Receipts to Classify Business Size, 1998–2003

Our break out of statistics by legal form of organization, including corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors, provides an additional layer of detail to better understand the composition of the nation's small businesses.